Building a platform to help children learn quicker

During the final part of my study programme Experience Design at Hyper Island we developed Edukit to help children learn better.


After talking with teachers and experts in education we found out that teachers are looking for more practice material to help individual students to practice. This is due to the diversity in needs for students , some need special attention, others need more challenges. Inspired by these findings we developed Edukit.

Edukit is the perfect solution for teachers that want education adapted to individual students. Students that lie ahead can share their knowledge by creating a quiz, while students that have slight problems in understanding the lesson can use these quizzes to practice more.





Teachers are looking for more practice material in order to support and challenge their students on an individual level. This is because every child in a classroom has different needs. Some students need more support, some need to be challenged.

  1. More practice material
    Relevant practice material that matches the lessons is needed
  2. Full control
    Teachers want to have control over their teaching method and want to assure quality.
  3. Time-saving
    Teaching have a lack of time, and are in need of an efficient and time reducing solution
  4. Motivation
    Student need to be motivated and challenged to help them stay active and focused


Edukit is a digital platform that helps teachers and students to create more excersises in a quick and easy way. Students that understand the lesson are motivated to share their knowledge by creating quizzes. Struggling students can use these as extra material to practice. Because Edukit is only used within one class, it perfectly suits the lesson material that was already provided.

Interface design