Branding a food delivery start-up

Dayli is a food delivery service in Amsterdam. You can order freshly prepared dishes right at your fingertips. What’s new to that, you’d ask, but Dayli also provides you the option to add any needed groceries to your order. The ideal balance between price and quality makes the essence of Dayli’s service.


I was commissioned to design Dayli’s visual identity and mobile app from scratch. Since they are a newcomer in a populous field of Amsterdam food delivery services, I wanted to craft a recognizable and strong visual identity.

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Visual identity

Dayli always offers the best food and groceries for the lowest prices. Delivering takeaway food as well as groceries distinguishes Dayli from other companies in their sector. Dayli has three core values: being superfast, inexpensive and easy. Therefore, I used visual elements to highlight these three main benefits.

Recognizable simplicity

Colour is an important element of every brand identity, since it helps the audience identify a brand at a glance. I have used orange as the primary spot colour for Dayli, since it resembles speed and fits the three core values of the brand. Next to orange, I used additional colours in various shades.


Dayli logo

The dish in the icon enables imagination: underneath the lid could be either a tasty meal or great groceries. The slanted use resembles movement and speed and the little breath of air refers to Dayli’s swiftness and ease. The initial association: reasonably priced food, which is delivered quickly.




iOS App

The Dayli app makes it easy to order food. It’s an easy-to-use app which enables users to quickly view and order Dayli’s meals, wherever and whenever they want it.

User Interface

Branding elements are consistently shown within the whole interface: careful, pixel perfect usage of typography and colours. I gave special attention to unusual states. An example: when Dayli is closed, I didn’t want to only disappoint the customer, but at least provide them with a nicely designed visual (spot the scooter!).

iPhone Top View Mockup

I have cut the user onboarding form down to a few simple steps.



I focused on quick navigation and clearly showing all meals and groceries, by offering easy and simple user navigation and filtering options.

The conformation screen shows all the information that is relevant to the hungry customer, which special attention for detail on the map to make sure that the order is delivered at the right place.

Giving a ‘closed screen’ a fun touch.

User Experience

Guiding people through a payment system is an interesting user pattern, since you need to assemble a lot of small interactions in a tiny space. It was very important to make sure that customers will enter the correct address, as making a mistake in this leads to delays and cold orders. I solved this by subtly showing the address on every step in the order process and even visualising it within the last final steps.


Thanks for reading!