Hola, I am Tycho. I focus on using pixel-perfect design to help digital products take shape. I currently run The Prototype Factory.


I love to work with start-ups and corporates to craft engaging new products. I believe in creating and prototyping to build products, services and systems in the real world. I’m skilled in using tools such as Sketch and Principle to rapidly develop new applications and ideas to suits the needs of clients’ executives and users.

Aside from my pursuit to achieve visual perfection, I also believe that my work goes deeper then that. I’m interested in understanding business, design psychology, branding and researching established and new interaction patterns. I prefer to challenge assumptions without wasting time.


I’ve worked as a digital designer at 72andSunny and Grrr, and had the privilege to work with amazing companies as Spotify, Samsung and Adidas Neo. I studied Experience Design at Hyper Island, where I learned to and applied technical, creative and strategic skills. I’m a fan of alpaca’s, Nomos, MIT Media Lab, Documentaries and this is my favourite website ever.

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